During the summer of 2015, I, along with my close friend Will, canoed the entire 2,352 miles which make up the Mississippi River. This trip took place for several reasons- Will, being a native of Sweden, wanted to see the greater culture of the United States, specifically the south. I had just graduated and was a bit worn from being in front of a computer and having technology be a extreme constant in my life. Most importantly, we wanted to raise money for two organizations we worked with in Michigan who work with terminally ill children.

The idea for this adventure grew and evolved over the past year and on June 12th, 2015, this grand expedition started--- we put a 17 foot canoe I refurbished into the headwaters of the Mississippi in Northern Minnesota and departed for the 'come what may'. We dealt with weeks of debilitating storms and long periods of vicious heat waves. We also met great generosity and support along the river. Life on the river, we learned, is an entirely different thing. This 65 day adventure was one of the most incredible, demanding and fantastically inspiring things I have ever done.

This collection is intended to show the people and places of the Mississippi River, as were our encounters. A casually long photo essay for a casually long river.