Who I am.


A born and raised Kentuckian, I have a strong affinity for all things related to the Bluegrass State (and yes, I love bourbon). And while I love being from this state, I do enjoy traveling as much as I can. I think having as many experiences as you can in life is a great thing and helps a person gain perspective about life. 

When I can, I will pursue any means to get outside. Personal favorite activities are backpacking, fishing and sailing. After teaching sailing for six summers in Northern Michigan, I have a huge fascination with all things nautical. I have a remarkable fondness for BBQ and will go to great lengths to attain it.

The summer of 2015, I canoed the entire 2,352 mile length of the Mississippi River with a close friend.

Currently based in Detroit, Michigan. 


If you would like to reach me in another way, please feel free.

I do love a good conversation.

513. 498. 6929